Terms and Conditions

I have authorized Tax Kiosk to prepare and lodge income tax returns which is based on my specific Instructions. I have declarated all the income form all the sources as required under taxation law. All or Any expenses or deductions which are claimed in my tax return , I have kept all to documents to substantiate my expenses and deductions. I will keep the record for the period of 5 Year as required under the taxation Law and I will take all reasonable steps to store my documents. Tax Kiosk will view my receipts and tax invoices which do not in any way constitute verification or and audit of my substantiation and I hereby acknowledge that Tax Kiosk will not be held negligent for viewing any receipts or documentations that is found to be not compliant with ATO Requirement. I hereby agree that Tax Kiosk may list my name with authorized collection agency. Should any fee for services rendered remain unpaid beyond Tax Kiosk’s approved credit terms.
The ATO is authorized by the Income Tax Assessment Act 1936, the Income Tax Assessments Act 1997 and the Taxation Administration Act 1953 to ask for information in this form. We may give this information to other government agencies authorised by law to receive it-for example, benefit payment agencies such as Centerlink, the Department of Education, Science, Training and Youth Affairs and the Department of Family and Community Services; law enforcement agencies such as the National Crime Authority; and other agencies such as the Child Support Agency, the Australian Bureau of Statistics and the Reserve Bank of Australia.

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